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Tools & Products

What is available

I can deliver a special USB with your photos delivered in an all-compressed file of high quality where previously we have gone through and selected the best photos of the shoot with tier retouches involved (if desired). 

I can deliver a photobook for an additional cost!

Prints are available but through an advanced request and at an additional cost. Also, framing is available but also in request and at an additional cost. 

Digital Downloads are provided

I display low res, but all photos will be delivered in ultra-high definition and without a watermark. 


Professional Canon cameras and lenses, from telephoto to 50mm

Tonal & outdoor backgrounds

Mid shots or portrait upon request

Editing of all successful images

You keep ALL successful images from the shoot PLUS 4 tier 1 retouched images or 2 tier 2 retouched images, (I can help you select).

High-resolution digital masters of all selected images

3 week turnaround and delivery & a sneak peak preview in the first week!

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Tier retouched images

Tier 1 retouching:

Blemish & spot removal, eye enhancement, teeth whitening, local colour adjustment, and b&w or sepia conversion - suitable for headshots, portraiture, and wedding photography.

Tier 2 retouching:

Tier 1, plus extensive Photoshop work such as airbrushing and dodging, and burning. This level of retouching is appropriate for magazine work, fashion & model, and some instances of portraiture and wedding work.

Personal Requests

In a society of highly retouched images, airbrushing and tonal-cool pallets, I know there is also a want for something different, something special - in our phone consultation, let's focus on what you truly desire. If you prefer SarahMoon style photography or Alain LaBoile preference, or sepia and B&W photography, let's chat and see what we can create for your special session. 

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GLM22 (47).jpg

photography themes

costs for photography Sessions:

$220 an hour (hour is the most popular session)

$110 for 30mins 

$1100 + for weddings (5 hour session)

Session times: Friday through to Monday but consultations and bookings are at any time!

Location: Brisbane, Queensland (& regional)

*If your chosen location is an hour beyond my studio, then $50 flat fee is charge. 

My Locations: soon to come



Are you a model looking to expand your portfolio?

A theatre group wanting to show off your talents, or needing headshots (we might strip back the avant-garde aspect for that...).

Do you want photographs of your furry friend on your wall? Or purchase a photobook containing special memories taken by yours truly with fine art editing?

Book me in to expand your career prospects!


Wedding and Engagement sessions: 

  • Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast locations

  • 25 minutes Phone consultation

  • Starting from $1100

portraits and Headshots: 

  • Brisbane - and close regions

  • 25 minutes Phone consultation

  • $220

Animal photoshoots:

  • 25 minutes Phone consultation

  • Starting from $150

  • I provide props, embellishments, set design! 

  • Let me know your animal's breed and behaviours

Maternity photoshoots:

  • 25 minutes Phone consultation

  • Starting from $220

  • Let me know your preference for decorations, embellishments, and your setup!

Formal & Graduate photography sessions:

  • Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast locations

  • 25 minutes Phone consultation

  • Starting from $220

Avant-garde & theatrical concept photos:

  • 25 minutes Phone consultation

  • $220

Thank you for choosing me,


Gracie L M

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