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Novel Reviews: 4.5 stars

Paul, Reader - rated it ***** 'it was amazing'

I, Custodian Fire review from GOODREADS
G L Martin has written an original novel. It is dystopian, but in a post-modern, post-surreal manner, for she has incorporated sub-conscious surreal elements into the dream-like story. The moments in time are fluid as the various charterers from various sub-groups bustle, dream, meander and care for each other in paradoxical ways.
The author’s writing style is incredibly descriptive in places; “Returning her attention to Moriah-Dahlia, a sudden alacrity ensnared Imma’s heart as the cold blue lips on her wax skin fractured. The air drew into frail pieces of oxygen that shivered away from Moriah-Dahlia’s grasp. Imma reached out and took her fingers. If words were colours, Imma saw a silvery, breathless mist speak.”
Then the concrete narrative abstracts into fleeting distant memories from distraught minds, which could be interrupted, like a camera in slow-motion, to sharply focus on an intense detail. This haunting movie-like script takes the reader into tunnels of the underworld, through spacious penthouses high in the city and into languid warehouses. It’s a chaotic dream-world where freedom-fighters take on the controlling powers after the techno controlling world reset.

Belle, Reader - rated it **** 'Challenging concepts and the content is deep and dark.'

I, Custodian Fire Review:

Such a good decision to read this novel. I give it 4 out of 5 stars. Brilliant author!
Challenging concepts and the content is deep and dark and delves into the societal recesses that continue to cause disruption and harm. There are two versions of the book, one with explicit language and one that's limited in that language, so I really thank the author for this choice! Brilliant read, really helped me "see the stars behind the clouds"...

Piano Lesson

Piano Tutoring Recommendation

Denise, Colleague - Recommendation:

I personally can totally recommend Grace, in any learning issues your child may have, she is a kind, friendly, easy going, and has a beautiful nature, I have worked with Grace for approximately 3yrs, she is patient, understanding, and very caring, her ability to help others is outstanding she’s always there for anyone that needs help… Please don’t hesitate to give Grace a call.

Jessie-Rose, Model, Piano Review:

Grace is a very patient, trustworthy and kind teacher, she is really great at explaining and making things easy to understand. 5 stars definitely recommend!

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Photography Recommendation

Sofia, Model - Recommendation:

I have had the absolute privledge of working on numerous art projects with Grace. She showed me nothing but respect and kindness. She is deeply passionate about her craft and is never afraid to step out of her comfort zone. Grace is a patient and uplifting teacher who can make the best of any situation. I could not recommend her enough.

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Theater Recommendations

Ellen,  Previous Colleague - Review:

Grace is kind, caring, intelligent. Will always find a way to connect with the students to help them. I can personally recommend her!

Glennys,  Artist - Review:

Grace is intelligent, open and caring. A beautiful person who will connect to her students.

Firdaus, Artist - Reviw:

[...] she’s a multi talented person, unique perspective, thinking out of the box and have a great personality. There’s a lot of things you can learn from her knowing her personally. She is very passionate in what she’s doing. She’s inspiring.

Shaylin, Drama Student Review:

I had Grace as my drama teacher last year. She’s amazing! So kind and thoughtful would recommend highly for anyone :)