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Finding soul purpose


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art, theater, music and literature circulates me.

I am an Australian Woman, a 98' child, a university literature and theater graduate, currently completing my final secondary school degree.

I was born in 1998 in the meeting place of the Mulwaree, Tarlo, Burra Burra, Wollondilly, Wiradjuri, Gundungurra, Dharrook, Tharawal, Lachlan, Pajong, Parramarragoo, Cookmal and Gnunawal peoples. This valley of Goulburn is country of connections and in my soul, I have always felt the need to deliver community my skills to enhance others' lives, to communicate for the love of life. 

I have been fascinated by literature and the English rules ever since I was a youngin', from the existence of pronouns to the annoyingness of articles, and to the wonder of all the various forms of prose, poetry, and architecture of the English language structure. By the end of Year 12, I had established a true connection with English grammar skills and rules with respect to their design, and by the beginning of university studies (USC, Sippy Downs), a new world beckoned me to follow up the letter-ladder of literature as fine-art. The following year I began my studies of Drama, Theatre, and the Art of Breathing which I strongly excelled at, and began to write my own pieces of dramatic monologues and playwrights. Acting, writing, editing, and undertaking extra theater and breathing classes external to university became my whole world (except for that of my photography, which has been a strong skill and passion since as early as six!). I have participated in schools - teaching in senior classes, completed my minor and major degrees at the University of the Sunshine Coast, and began creating my own profession of private tutoring after working with three different schools and learning online and in-face teaching skills. 

I know I am fully equipped to teach English, Literature, Breathing & Body Conscious-thought Awareness, and Piano lessons! Ah, I forgot to mention piano... I guess because the piano is as much a part of me as smiling, breathing, drinking, or talking. Classical piano training began when I was six, my brother taught me (I was very enthusiastic). Then I matured a bit more and my lessons lengthened to professional lessons I began learning my first songs and by age 10 I was learning Für Elise. By 14, the family moved across states in Queensland and I began singing lessons. It was during this time that I began to progress quickly with piano as I had cultivated my own form of lesson, self-taught with expertise learned from my NSW teacher, from online, and by intuition. When I was in my second year of university, understanding the power and the technique of proper teaching (which my mother had firstly installed in me), I knew how to perfect my teaching style with piano! Now on the other side of my university, I am still teaching myself piano and learning new techniques and design elements to enhance memory and swiftly progress new learnt skills.

I wrote I, Custodian: Fire firstly in 2014 on note pads and in sketchbooks, designing people, character trajectories, and imaginative scenes, soon little passages on Word online began to form, and by 2018, December I have formed many large excerpts for chapters and a great skeleton lay with the promise of manifesting a beautifully designed body and mind! The book itself was created in early 2020, however after several curious reads and hefty underlines I had to professionally perfect the piece of literature to perform a profound prelude into the realm of Ard, of the great family, and of Moriah-Dahlia, and so the adventure begins.

Thank you for your precious time, many blessings for considering my services, you are in capable hands, and I hope the best for your future learning as you enhance your skills!

Grace L M


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